Zika Virus Testing Market outlook by Top Players, Types and New Accessories 2020 to 2023

 Getting infected with the Zika virus results from mosquito bites. This makes Zika a mosquito-borne disease and is transmitted via the Aedes genus. Zika is transmitted akin to other mosquito-borne illnesses and can also be transferred from one person to another through sexual intercourse. An infected pregnant woman may also pass the virus to her unborn child.


The worldwide Zika Virus Testing Market outlook is anticipated to be driven by increasing Zika incidences around the globe. This virus was first detected in Rhesus monkeys in Uganda in 1947. Then, in 1952, humans were detected with the virus. Further investigations down the years led to the conclusion that Zika spreads through sexual contact (exchange of bodily fluids), blood transfusion, and from infected mothers to their children.

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The virus was found to be a single-stranded RNA virus & transmitted through 2 Aedes species. These species also transmitted the Chikungunya and Dengue illnesses. The virus may also be perpendicularly transmitted during unsafe sex or perinatal period. During perinatal transmission, the virus passes from the mother to the fetus and leads to microcephaly or other fetal brain abnormalities.

Hearing issues, improper growth, and eye problems are some of the common maladies resulting from Zika fetal infection. Nervous system disorders have also been found in patients suffering from Zika. But, the risk associated with the virus is greater among pregnant women. Some of the major indication of having contracted the virus are joint pains, rashes, fever, headache, muscle pain, etc.

Conjunctivitis has also been witnessed in some of the patients carrying the virus. Some of these signs may last for many days to weeks. Americas, Africa, and Asia Pacific are said to be the key regions experiencing the Zika virus epidemic. The implementation of the United States FDA proposals has resulted in containing the transmission of the virus. Effective health policies have also contributed to testing all blood products for Zika.

These efforts have jointly led to massive expansion of the global Zika virus testing industry. Considerable amounts of money spent by the United States government on research & development initiatives for the development of improved Zika testing procedures have assisted the market in gaining worldwide recognition. Projects taken up by sellers and manufacturers have driven the need for better Zika virus testing, boosting the industry revenues.

A lot of the demand for Zika screenings arise from Florida. The city is said to be home to many people experiencing symptoms akin to Zika. No awareness and wrong detection procedures are some of the hindrances in the market. The Zika Virus Testing Market outlook is divided on account of applications, tests, and geographies.

Segments - Further Insights

Various application sub-segments of the industry comprise hospitals, ambulatory centers, pathology laboratories, diagnostic centers, etc. The different screening tests include nucleic acid amplification and Zika virus antibody. Based on geographies, the market is classified on the basis of Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas, and the Middle East and Africa.

The steady transfer of Zika in Americas has led to the demand for effective screening services till the end of the forecast period. The continuous demand for the better identification & management of this illness should propel industry sales.

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Eminent Players and Their Strategies

Well established participants in the global Zika Virus Testing Market outlook consist of ARUP Laboratories, Hologic, Luminex Corporation, Roche Molecular Systems, etc. They keep investing in newer technologies and regional growth to occupy more shares and spread their worldwide reach.      


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